Product Specifications
Application Heads DSL Hair Removal
WRA Wrinkle Reduction
LV Vascular
LVA Vascular Advanced
RF Energy
DLS Up 50J/cm3
WRA, LV, LVA Up 100J/cm3
Light Fluence
DSL, WRA Up 50J/cm2
LV Up 140J/cm2
LVA Up 350J/cm2
DSL 810nm
WRA, LV, LVA 900nm
Cooling 5’C on Skin Surface
Skim Impedance Control Online
Treated Area
DSL 15x12mm
WRA 12x8mm
LV 8x5mm
LVA 8x2mm
Pulse Repetition Rate
DSL Up to 2 Hz
WRA, LV, LVA 1.0 Hz
Platform Weight 66 lbs (30kg)
Platform Size 14.2 X 15 x 38.2
(38x 38x x 97 cm)
Elictrical Requirements Standard 110 VAC
(230 VAC)

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