Used 2019 MiraDry Inc. MiraDry MD4000-MC Sweat & Odor Reduction Hyperhidrosis Treatment TIPS INCLUDED
2019 MiraDry Inc. MIRADRY MD4000-MC- 11 BIOTIPS included A thermal energy device the treats Hype...
  • Year: 2019
  • * REF: MD4000-MC
  • * Date of Manufacture: 2019-11-01
Used 2022 CANDELA PicoWay
2022 Candela PicoWay -Tattoo Removal Laser A PicoSecond laser that removes Tattoos and treats pi...
  • Year: 2022
  • * System Pulse Count: 525,107
  • * Date of Manufacture: 2022-10-13
Used 2023 CANDELA Gentlemax Pro Plus
2023 Candela GentleMax Pro Plus - Laser A Dual Wavelength Laser for hair removal, rosacea, fine ...
  • Year: 2023
Used 2022 CYNOSURE PicoSure Pro
2022 CynoSure PicoSure Pro -Tattoo Removal Laser A 755nm PicoSecond laser that removes Tattoos a...
  • Year: 2022
  • Warranty: 2 month(s)
  • * System Shot Count: 2,887,165
Used 2017 Cynosure (Palomar) Vectus
2017 Cynosure (Palomar) Vectus An 810nm Diode Laser for hair removal Details: - Serial Number:...
  • Year: 2017
  • Warranty: 1 month(s)
  • Laser type: Diode
2018 Syneron/Candela CO2RE -Standard A CO2 laser for wrinkle reduction and skin resurfacing. De...
  • Year: 2018
  • Warranty: 1 month(s)
2018 Syneron/Candela CO2RE -with Intima A CO2 laser for Vaginal Rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction,...
  • Year: 2018
  • Warranty: 1 month(s)
Used 2021 BTL Emsculpt Neo
2021 BTL Aesthetics EmSculpt Neo A system that simultaneously emits RF and HIFEM+ to Reduce Fat ...
  • Year: 2021

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International Medical Laser Supplier We are a premier supplier of used cosmetic devices and we are ready to serve you. The Array Medical team supplies high-quality, pre-owned cosmetic devices at competitive pricing to physicians and professionals throughout the world. We offer all of the premium, competitively-priced cosmetic equipment you need as well as expert support in case you need any assistance.

With nearly two decades of industry experience, the cornerstone of our business has been maintaining high-trust relationships with our loyal customers. We understand that you have many options when looking to source aesthetic equipment. Array Medical is committed to helping your business thrive. Contact us today to learn about growing together.


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We have more than 20 years of experience buying and selling medical lasers within the cosmetic device industry. Personal, friendly service from the get-go is just one of the hallmarks when buying or selling with us. Other Array Medical service features include accessible support (via phone, email, or live chat), convenient domestic and international shipping options, and fair and competitive pricing for both buyers and sellers.



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