Code of Ethics

Array Medical will always:

  1. Put our customers and their needs first.
  2. Be honest in our actions and every form of communication with our team members and customers.
  3. Show nothing but the utmost respect to not only our customers but to our team members as well.
  4. Be held accountable for our mistakes.
  5. Follow the law and never do anything to undermine our moral principles.
  6. Stay up to date regarding new technology and trends directly related to the ever-changing aesthetic equipment industry to ensure we are providing our customers with the best advice possible.
  7. Provide a motivating and challenging work space with opportunity for vertical growth.
  8. Exhibit respect and professionalism not only towards our customers and team members, but also towards our competitors and anyone directly involved with our business.
  9. Offer equal employment opportunities without regard to any distinctions based on gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, marital status, or country of origin.
  10. Have fun.

Array Medical will never:

  1. Discriminate in the workplace.
  2. Ask a team member to do something that a top executive would never do.
  3. Make a promise that we cannot deliver.
  4. Veer away from our code of ethics.