Sell Lasers

At Array Medical, we understand that when you decide to sell a laser, the process can be very confusing and often riddled with “purchaser friendly” payment terms that leave little to no protection for you or your business. We understand that this process is something that most people are uncomfortable with, and strive to simplify the entire purchasing process from start to finish with as much clarity as possible. Whether you have an underutilized device that is taking up too much space, or you need capital to fund your next project, Array Medical is here to assist with your laser needs.

Array Medical Offers A Simple & Swift Sale Process

Our experienced procurement representatives make the selling process as easy as possible to ensure that you are comfortable through the entire experience. Our selling process is fine-tuned and worry free and it only takes 4 steps:

  • After contacting Array to sell a laser, a trained staff member will assist with gathering information and quickly supply you with a cash offer for your underutilized device.

  • After the offer is approved, you will be provided with a simple purchase agreement stating everything that is included with the laser, and the total price paid (up front) to your clinic.

  • Upon execution of the purchase agreement between you and Array, payment will be swiftly and reliably distributed to your office via bank wire, credit card, or certified check.

  • After payment has cleared your account, your representative from Array will arrange all crating and shipping in a time frame that best suits your often busy schedule.