Product Specifications
System TypeAlexandriteNd:YAGMultiplexIntense Pulse Light
Pulse Width0.5-300 msec0.5-300 msec10-40 msec6-20 msec
Maximum Fluence
per Spot Size”
Up to 24 J/cm2
1cm x 5cm (5cm2)
24mm10 J/cm214 J/cm2Filters
22mm12 J/cm216 J/cm2530nm
20mm17 J/cm220 J/cm2560nm
18mm22 J/cm227 J/cm2590nm
15mm30 J/cm240 J/cm232 J/cm2
12mm40 J/cm260 J/cm250 J/cm2
10mm50 J/cm290 J/cm270 J/cm2
7mm60 J/cm2160 J/cm2100 J/cm2
5mm60 J/cm2240 J/cm2200 J/cm2
3mm300 J/cm2
1.5mm**600 J/cm2
Maximum Rep Rate10 Hz10 Hz1.5 Hz1 Hz
Aiming BeamRed
Skin Cooling systemCold Air(-10’C @ 350 1/min)
Electrical Requirements200/220 VAC/30A
Size(116.84cm x 43.82cm x 82.30cm)
Weight298 lbs (135kg)

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